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How to Use the Stats Medic AP Exam Review Course in Your Classroom

Updated: Feb 29

You did it! You finally finished the content! So what if you only spent two days on linear regression…it’s time to start reviewing for the AP Stats Exam! Whether you have 5 days or 5 weeks to review, we hope that you can use the Stats Medic AP Exam Review Course to help your students prepare for the AP Statistics Exam (sneak peek can be found here).

If you are interested in signing up all of the students in your class, complete this form and we will send you a quote.

Based on feedback from teachers from previous years, teachers are using the Review Course in three different ways:

1. Use class time for the Stats Medic Review Course

If you want to make sure that all of your students are watching the videos and trying the practice problems, build the review course right into your class time. Have students use laptops or their phones in class to work their way through the videos and practice questions on the review course.

Here is what the teacher would need to do to prepare:

  • Create a reasonable schedule for students based on how much time you have before the exam. We have pacing guides for teachers with 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks to review.

  • Make copies of the video skeleton notes, practice multiple choice questions, and practice free response questions + rubrics. You will get access to these files once you have your class signed up.

At the end of each week, we have students hand in their completed guided notes, completed MC practice, and their completed (and self graded) free response questions.

2. Assign the Stats Medic Review Course as homework

Stats Medic has several review activities that you can do in your classes. Use class time for these awesome review activities and then ask students to complete assignments from the Review Course as homework. If you go this route, sticking to a schedule is critical, and it helps to hold students accountable for completing work. In this model, we still suggest having students hand in their completed skeleton notes, completed MC practice, and their completed (and self graded) free response questions as often as you feel is needed.

3. Offer the Stats Medic Review Course as an optional support

Maybe you already have your exam review routine dialed in. You have a set of activities that you know is going to get students ready. But there are always students that can benefit by having additional resources outside the classroom. The Review Course can be completed by individual students with a go-at-your-own-pace schedule. This way, students can spend extra time and energy in the areas they need the most help (probability… we know). While we have found that the accountability of doing the Review Course as a whole class has been most effective, it can work for individual students who have the motivation to put in the work.

We have a new feature that allows you to set up your own cohort and then invite students to pay for it individually. This works well for classes where only some of the students will be using the course.

Click here to create your cohort (click on the Review Course and then find the red "Create Cohort" button). For more detailed instructions, download this pdf.

2024 Create Your Own Cohort and Invite Students AP Statistics Review Course
Download PDF • 834KB

Let's CRUSH this Exam in May!

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