Experience First, Formalize Later (EFFL)

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Stats Medic Instructional Philosophy

Several years ago, the Stats Medic created a new on-level Stats course targeted toward Seniors at East Kentwood High School. We wanted the class to be relevant and engaging, but also academically rigorous. After trying several instructional approaches, we eventually arrived at the Experience First, Formalize Later model. Since then, we revamped the entire AP Statistics course in this model and are currently doing the same with Algebra 2.

Experience First, Formalize Later means that students are working collaboratively to think, to discuss, and to construct their own understanding of new content before the teacher helps students to arrive at formal definitions and formulas.

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What does it look like in the classroom?

Learning Targets

For every new lesson, the teacher begins by making the goals of the lesson crystal clear. By the time students walk out of the classroom, here is what they are expected to know or be able to do. Learning targets should be written in student friendly language and we like to underline new vocabulary terms. The teacher do