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Details for the 2021 AP Statistics Exam

Updated: May 7, 2021

The 2020-2021 school year has definitely been a wild ride. Teachers have had to deal with new and changing models for teaching (virtual, hybrid, cohorts) and many of us have lost valuable instructional time. With the College Board making the shift last year to digital exams, we have been left wondering what will happen for the 2021 AP Statistics Exam. We now have some answers.

The Exam Will Cover All Content in the CED

Unlike last year, we will need to be sure to cover chi-square tests and regression inference. If you are falling behind schedule, check here for some ideas on what to keep and what to get rid of.

The Exam Will Have 3 Possible Testing Dates

  1. May 17 at Noon local time. Paper-and-pencil exam. In school.

  2. May 25 at Noon local time. Paper-and-pencil exam. In school.

  3. June 10 at 4 pm EDT. Digital exam. In school or at home.

Schools make decisions about which exam date(s) and are allowed to mix and match across courses, periods within the same course, and even by students within a single period. It remains the AP coordinator’s role to determine if multiple exam dates will be offered by their school. AP coordinators will be able to reassign a student with an existing exam order to a later date, if necessary.

Format of the Exam

The paper-and-pencil exam will be the same format as always (40 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes, followed by 6 free response questions in 90 minutes - including an Investigative Task).

The digital exam will have more multiple choice (40 multiple choice in 90 minutes, followed by 11 multiple choice in 25 minutes, followed by 4 free response in 65 minutes). Here is the focus of the 4 free response questions:

1. Multipart question with a primary focus on collecting data

2. Multipart question with a primary focus on exploring data

3. Question that combines 2 or more skill categories

4. Investigative task

Details About the Digital Exam

There will be a College Board digital exam app that students will need to download onto the computer (Mac, Windows, or school issued Chromebook – with a built in camera) they will be using to take the exam. They will use this app to take all of their AP Exams. The app will become available in early April and students will have time to practice using the app before the actual exam. More details:

  • The digital exam will not include questions that can be answered with internet searches, textbooks, notes, study guides, or similar material.

  • Students will answer free response questions with a keyboard only. There will be no option to write solutions on paper and take a picture to submit.

  • Students will NOT be asked to produce a drawing or a graph.

  • Students will not be able to return to answered questions or move back and forth among unanswered questions.

  • Scores for the digital exams will be released to students and colleges in August.

AP Live Will Be Back Again

AP Live review sessions will be happening again this year from April 19-29. Luke from Stats Medic will again be one of the presenters. All of these sessions can now be found on YouTube.

For More Information:

AP 2020-2021 Updates from the College Board

AP Exam Format Information from the College Board

Exam Dates from the College Board

Digital Exams from the College Board

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