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AP Stats Shirt Design Contest

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

It has become an annual tradition at East Kentwood High School. Every year we have a contest for AP Stats students to submit designs for the official class t-shirt. We have shirts made for all the AP Stats students and we wear them on AP Exam day as a sign of solidarity. We are quite sure that this causes higher AP Exam scores.

Last year, Erica Chauvet (all-star stats teacher and AP Stats Reading celebrity) organized a nationwide official t-shirt for AP Stats (STAT WARS) and it was a huge success!

Erica donated the profits to the Math Medic Foundation, Skew the Script and the AP Exam Readers fund. So generous!

After a recent brainstorm session with Erica and Dash from Skew the Script, we decided we should combine forces to create a national shirt design contest, open to any student who is currently taking AP Stats.

Requirement for the design:

  • One color for the shirt

  • One color for the design

  • Front of the shirt only

  • Can't be a cheat sheet for exam day!


  • December 31, 2023 – Design submission form closes.

  • January 2024 – Online voting for the top shirt design.

  • February 2024 – Shirts become available for purchase.

  • Early April 2024 - Shirts will be received.

We hope you will share this design contest with your students!

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