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2021 AP Exam Predictions

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The crystal ball yielded some excellent predictions last year, so we got it back out and started thinking about the 2021 AP Exam. With this school year being a crazy sprint back and forth between in-person and virtual teaching, we hope that the AP Exam stays relatively settled (and predictable). There is no doubt that some of these predictions will be correct, and some will be dead wrong. But it is still fun to guess!

**DISCLAIMER: We have absolutely no insider information for any of these predictions. Proceed with caution.**

Other helpful links:

Big Changes in the Rubric for Significance Tests - this is why we think there will be a part (b) on the significance test question.

How to CRUSH the AP Stats Free Response - several strategies for students to help them maximize their FRQ scores.

How to Survive the Investigative Task - stay calm and use these strategies for success on FRQ #6.

AP Daily: Live Review Sessions for AP Statistics 2021 - eight 45-minute review sessions with Luke Wilcox and Daren Starnes

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