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150 Days of AP Stats is Coming Your Way!

Last year, we made a blog post for every school day of the year for our Intro Stats class. Every new lesson includes an activity that allows students to “Experience First, Formalize Later”. Each post also contains teacher discussion providing tips for implementing the activity, highlighting opportunities to make connections in the content, and exposing common student errors.

So this year, we have decided to try and pull this off with 150 Days of AP Stats.  We will be piloting the textbook The Practice of Statistics 6th edition, which will be available to the public in late spring 2018.  Again, we are going to have an activity to go with every new lesson (yes we are crazy).  We will be putting these posts up as we are doing them in class, so expect a lag during parent teacher conference week and the ultimate-catch-up during Christmas break.

Here’s to a great year of AP Stats!

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