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Midterm Exam Review

Midterm - Day 1

Activity: Chapter 1 Midterm Review Frame

For the midterm exam, we are spending one day on each chapter we’ve covered so far.  We’ve created a FRAME to cover main topics and concepts from each chapter.  Make sure you explain to students that this is where they should start their studying but don’t stop there! They should look through old quizzes, tests, and Big Ideas pages.

We also created a review assignment by taking old homework questions and compiling them in to one document.  We split them up by chapter so that students can work on a little each night.

Intro Day 77.jpg

The FRAME is helpful for reminding students of what they’ve already learned but students will really see what they need to brush up on when they do their review assignment.  Try to go over questions and solutions in class each day.

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