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Confidence Intervals for a Mean

Chapter 7 - Day 7 - Lesson 7.6

Learning Targets
  • Use sample data to check the Normal/Large Sample condition.

  • Use the four-step process to construct and interpret a confidence interval for a population mean.

Activity: How many states can you name?
Answer Key:

Yesterday we learned all of the formulas for calculating a confidence interval for a mean.  Today we are using these with the four-step process which we covered in lesson 7.4.  We’re also going to look at sample data to meet the NORMAL condition.  To collect the data, we’re going to have students list out as many states as they can name in 60 seconds.  Give students a blank piece of paper and set a timer for 60 seconds.  It was funny when we did this with kids, the room was silent.  They were so into it!  After the 60 seconds, students should write the number of states they were able to name on the board.  From here, students should be able to work through the entire activity without teacher input.  This is also a great chance for students to assess how they’re doing before the quiz.

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