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Probability Practice

Chapter 4 - Day 5

Activity: Chapter 4 Big Ideas

We felt that students needed one more day to digest some probability concepts before we were ready to take a quiz. Lessons 4.1 to 4.4 take students through the idea of “independent” in the Big Ideas.  Students worked in pairs to complete and we had some short discussion once they finished.   We highlighted the probability interpretation, the proper notation for a conditional probability, and also the proper check for independence as comparing P(B|A) to P(B|complement of A).

Intro Day 52.png
Activity: Venn Diagram Practice

Students worked in pairs to complete the practice problems on Venn Diagrams.  At the end of the hour, we went over the correct answers.  The real power of these practice problems was when students got a wrong answer and then recognized their mistake.

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