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Quiz 4.5 to 4.8

Chapter 4 - Day 12

This quiz had a combination of multiple choice and short answer questions.  Students did well on the conditional probability using a tree diagram.  Make sure to have students write the conditional probability for each possible outcome.  This is helpful because they can check their work by making sure that the probabilities add up to 1.  When using the table to find a conditional probability, we taught the students to cover any outcomes they do not need (whatever is not given).  This makes finding P(A | B) much easier.  We also added some conditional probability questions using a two-way table even though that was on the previous quiz.  After the last quiz we felt the students needed some more practice over this before the test.

Students also did well distinguishing between permutations and combinations.  On the quiz, we only required students to calculate basic combinations.  We will practice more complex problems before the test.  Students had the most difficult time with deciding if a scenario was mutually exclusive and/or independent.

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