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Probability Review and Big Ideas

Chapter 4 - Day 11

Activity: Chapter 4 Big Ideas

We’ve had really good feedback from students about the Big Ideas page so we will be creating one for each chapter.  We went through this as a class.  If there is time at the end of the hour, students can quiz each.

Activity: Probability FRAME
Answer Key:

In preparation for quiz 4.5 to 4.8, we wanted to get in some extra review.  Students have a tough time with probability because they often do not know which techniques to use.  To help with this we created a FRAME for students to use.  It separates probability problems in to “OR” problems and “AND” problems.  Students can use the FRAME to guide them when they are working through problems.

Teaching Tip:

Give students as many practice problems as you can but make sure the different types are mixed together.  It’s important that they can distinguish what type of problem it is and what methods they should use.

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