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Chapter 3 Intro

Chapter 3 - Day 1

Activity: Is anchored putting better?
Answer Key:

We wanted to begin Chapter 3 with an opener that would provide us with an overarching theme, like the Barbie Bungee was for Chapter 2.  We began by having students use their prior knowledge to design an experiment well.  We asked students if anchored putting is better than traditional putting.  We started with an intro video to explain to students the difference between the two.

After the video we explained that many golfers started using longer putters (anchored putting), until it was recently banned.  Are anchored putters actually better than traditional putters?  We asked students to discuss in their groups an experiment that we could do IN CLASS to test which putter is better.  Encourage students to be very specific.  Give students time to discuss in their groups what their design will look like.  Students must consider what data will be collected, what variables will remain the same, and how to control for skill level. Sample student answers are below.

What is the data that you will collect?

  • Distance from the hole

  • Number of hole-in-ones made

  • Number of strokes to make putt


What variables will you try to keep the same during the experiment? How?

  • Location of the hole

  • Distance from the start to the hole

  • One long putter and one traditional putter

  • Same “green”


What if one putter is better for short putts and the other is better for long putts. Will your experiment be able to tell? Adjust your experiment if needed.

  • Each participant putts from three different distances


What if some of the people in the experiment are really good at golf and others are very bad. Will that affect the results?

  • Each participant attempts both types of putts

  • Randomly split up the groups so there is an even number of good golfers and bad golfers in each group

  • Everyone in the group putts


On the last day of the chapter, we will conduct the experiment in class and each student will putt.  Similar to what we did with the Barbie Bungee Finale, they will also work through a review that hits as many of the learning targets as we can using this context.

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