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Chapter 2 Review

Chapter 2 - Day 12

Using quizzes to study

Today we spent time going over quizzes.  We always make sure to have students use a different color pen when marking in correct answers.  We want them to be able to quickly see what they need to work on.  Students did very well using residual plots to decide if a regression model was appropriate.  They also did fairly well describing how a given outlier will affect the LSRL.  Students needed a little more work on interpreting slope and standard deviation with context.  We also gave students back their previous quiz over 2.1 to 2.4 to use while studying for the test.

Chapter review problems

After going over the quizzes, students worked in pairs to make an answer key for a review assignment that they had.  This is the second time they have done this.  We heard lots of good statistical vocabulary and discussion.  The groups turned in their answer key to be checked for correctness at the end of the hour.

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