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Chapter 1 Test & Barbie Bungee

Chapter 2 - Day 1

Test Corrections

To try and encourage a growth mindset (see Carol Dweck’s work), we had our students do test corrections (yes, even on the multiple choice questions).  They had to write in pen right on the actual test.  This serves two purposes:

  1. Students learn from their mistakes. This is so critical for an Intro Stats class because the material from Chapter 1 is going to show up over and over again. 

  2. Students will get these tests back at the end of the semester to use to study for the midterm exam.  It does them no good to study a test that has all the wrong answers.  We went over some of the most commonly missed questions as a group.


We are going to try and teach Chapter 2 with a single question in mind:

How many rubber bands should we attach to Barbie so that she has the absolute most fun without smashing her head if she were to jump from the balcony in the front foyer of the school (5.3 meters above the ground)?

In class, students collected data on how far Barbie would fall using 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 rubber bands.  Then they created scatterplots to see if there was a pattern (should be a very linear pattern).

On Monday, we will start in Chapter 2.  We will use the Barbie Bungee context to teach many of the Learning Targets in Chapter 2.  Then, at the end of the Chapter, each group will make their predictions about the proper number of rubber bands to attach to Barbie and then we will go test them.

A BIG thank you to Fawn Nguyen for the Barbie Bungee lesson! We changed her lesson slightly to better fit the statistics curriculum. If you haven’t checked out her post yet, you need to! In fact, read her whole site. She’s awesome!

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