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Quiz 8.1 to 8.2

Chapter 8 - Day 3

Overall Notes

  • There is one version of this assessment provided in the Teacher Resources Materials (TRM). Use this assessment as-is or use it as a model to create your own. 

  • If you are making your own assessment, consider using the test bank and the ExamView software.

Common Student Errors

  • When interpreting a confidence interval, students will sometimes forget to interpret in the context of the problem.

  • When interpreting a confidence interval, students will sometimes refer to the statistic (proportion of students who said they plan to go to college) rather than the parameter (proportion of students who would say they plan to go to college).

  • When calculating the margin of error from a confidence interval, students might incorrectly just give the range of the interval. This value needs to be divided by 2 to get the margin of error.

  • Students often mix up the interpretations of the confidence interval with the confidence level. The interpretation of a confidence interval is explaining the values of a specific interval from one sample, while the interpretation of the confidence level is describing the hypothetical process of taking a sample and then using it to construct a confidence interval. 

  • Students often incorrectly believe that margin of error is needed because of errors made in the data collection process. Remind them that margin of error only accounts for sampling variability 

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