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Anchored Putting Finale

Chapter 4 - Day 12

Learning Targets
  • Review Learning Targets from Chapter 4
Activity: Anchored Putting Finale

Today students will get the chance to conduct the anchored putting experiment, to find out if the long putter is actually better than the traditional short putter. Here is a list of items you will need to have prepared for class:

  • 2 putters. One long anchored putter and one short putter.

  • 2 “holes”. We used paper circles.

  • 2 golf balls.

  • Tape measures or meter sticks.

Students putting.png

Start class by randomly assigning students to the two treatment groups. You can use the “slips of paper” method by simply handing students a slip as they walk into the room. Data collection should start right away (1-2 students at a time) and students should record their distance from the hole on the front whiteboard.


Students work in groups through the review sheet as the experiment is being conducted. They will not be able to move past question #8 until every student has putted. Students will need a device to access the One Quantitative Variable, Multiple Groups applet


Finally, we suggest you dress the part! 

Golf buddies.png
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