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Anchored Putting Intro

Chapter 4 - Day 1

Learning Targets
  • Preview Learning Targets from Chapter 4
Activity: Anchored Putting Intro

We want to begin Chapter 3 with an opener that would provide us with an overarching theme, like the Barbie Bungie was for Chapter 2. The anchored putting context will show up in the activity for Lesson 4.6 and Lesson 4.7, as well as in the end-of-chapter Review.


We started by showing students a few examples of each type of putter (big thanks to our golf coach for providing us with these). Then we showed them this video, which helped to explain the anchored putter.

But are anchored putters actually better? 


In the activity today, students will brainstorm ideas on how we can set up an experiment to do IN CLASS to answer this question. Students are not expected to know the correct vocabulary for this discussion. The activity is meant to get them to start thinking about some things that will come up later in the chapter (confounding, random assignment, control groups, statistical significance). It is up to you how many of these vocabulary terms you want to introduce on day 1. 


On the last day of the chapter, we will conduct the experiment in class and each student will putt. Similar to what we did with the Barbie Bungee Finale, they will work through a review that hits many of the Chapter 4 learning targets using this context.

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