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Quiz (Lessons 1.5-1.8)

Chapter 1 - Day 10

Overall Notes
  • There is one version of this assessment provided in the Teacher Resources Materials (TRM). Use this assessment as-is or use it as a model to create your own. 

  • If you are making your own assessment, consider using the test bank and the ExamView software.

Common Student Errors

  • When asked to compare distributions, students will often list attributes (shape, center, variability, outliers) for each distribution, but without explicitly comparing. To compare, they should use words like “less than”, “greater than”, or “similar to”. 

  • Student often forget which measures of center and variability should be used for a given distribution. Median and IQR should be used for skewed distribution, while mean and standard deviation can be used for symmetric distributions. 

  • When checking for boundary values for outliers, students sometimes incorrectly move 1.5IQR above and below the median, when they should be going 1.5IQR below Q1 and above Q3

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