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Chapter 8 Test

Chapter 8 - Day 9

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Questions to be Sure to Include
  • A multiple choice question that gives four different ways to interpret the confidence level.

  • A multiple choice question where students have to find the sample size necessary for a particular margin of error (use a proportion rather than a mean!)

  • A multiple choice question which compares features of the Normal distribution to features of a t-distribution.

  • On the free response, you should have two questions. One question asking students to calculate and interpret a confidence interval for a proportion, and one for a mean. Use old AP questions if possible.

  • Consider having a follow up question part (b) for each confidence interval. Here are some options for your follow-up question:

    • Someone claims that the true parameter is ________. Does your confidence interval from part (a) provide convincing evidence against this claim? Explain.

    • Why do we check the (random, 10%, Large Counts) condition?

    • We would like to reduce the margin of error to ______. What sample size would be needed to accomplish this?

    • A follow up question that requires students to take the endpoints of their confidence interval and multiply or divide them both by a constant (for example 2017 #2).

Tips to Give Your Students
  • Close reading and careful writing are critical to your success this year.

  • Be sure to answer all parts of each question.

  • There are a lot of formulas in this Chapter. Don’t memorize them.  Understand them. Use the (general formula, specific formula, plug numbers in, find answer) approach.

  • Study the Chapter 8 Formula Review and the Chapter 8 Big Ideas.

  • Know what needs to be included for a free response question asking for a confidence interval (4-step process!) Need more 4-step practice? Try these: Word PDFAnswer Key

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