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Quiz 7.2

Chapter 7 - Day 6

Students Struggled With…
  • Using appropriate notation for statistics and parameters of means and proportions. 

  • Showing all required work for these probability problems. We look for very detailed work in these problems (pictures, formulas, work, and answer). 

  • Remembering to check conditions for normality if not specifically asked to do so. 

  • With every lesson, make sure to emphasize the correct symbols being used. Students will have tons of practice with these as the course goes on.

  • Whether its classwork or homework, have students reflecting on all the expectations we have had in normal distribution problems. Constantly holding these high expectations will have a huge payoff in inference. 

  • Emphasize the importance of the conditions. Always refer to the picture at the top of Table A to constantly remind students that looking up a value on that table is only valid if we are on a normal distribution. If we want to use Table A and don't know the distribution is normal, we need to justify it is. 

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