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AP Stats Chapter 2 Test

Chapter 2 - Day 9

Start Here
Questions to Be Sure to Include
  • MC question that require students to use the 68-95-99.7 rule.

  • MC question that asks students to find the median and IQR from a cumulative relative frequency graph.

  • MC question where a z-score is given and students have to work backwards to figure out an unknown mean or unknown standard deviation.

  • MC question that asks students to interpret a z-score.

  • Highest Priority: FR question that ask students to do normal distribution calculations.

  • Area to the left

  • Area to the right

  • Find a value for a given area

  • FR question that has a context that includes transformations of data (add/subtract and multiply/divide) and asks about center and variability.  You could also review Chapter 1 in this question by asking them to describe the distribution of the original data.

  • FR question that asks students to identify the shape of a distribution of data based on the cumulative relative frequency graph.

  • A question for assessing Normality is not high priority.

Tips to Give Your Students
  • Close reading and careful writing are critical to your success this year.

  • Be sure to answer all parts of each question.

  • Normal distribution calculations are the single most important idea in Chapter 2.  Remind students that they need to draw and label a picture, show a formula and numbers, and be able to interpret the final answer.

  • Know what happens to shape, center, and variability when data is transformed.

Activity: Normal Curve Calculations

A question that is assessing Normality can be very lengthy if they are checking using the 68-95-99.7 rule.  We don’t believe this to be a high priority.  We think it is a worthwhile activity in class, but not necessary for the test.

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