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Quiz 11.2

Chapter 11 - Day 7

Students Struggled With…
  • Deciding what procedure to use from a description of the scenario. We asked the students "what procedure should be used" and several students struggled with just providing the name without trying to conduce the entire procedure. 

  • Remembering to specify the order of the subtraction when defining their hypothesis. 

  • Have the students keep practicing this skill! Asking themselves questions such as "is it means or proportions?" or "is there one sample or two sample" can really help the students figure out what test they should be using.  This website that allows students to practice choosing the correct inference procedure.

  • Context, Context, Context! When setting up these hypothesis test have the students reflect on how we preferred them to write linear regression equations - in context using words rather than x and y. We should make the same big deal here with them. Mean 1 - Mean 2 does not tell us very much. However, labeled - nonlabeled (see this lesson) tells us clearly what order the subtraction is occurring in.

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