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Midyear Exam Review

Days 1-4

Days 1-4
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Review for Midyear Exam

We spent three days reviewing for the exam. Three days was a nice amount of time. Students were very focused each day. If possible, try to get students study materials at least 5 days before the exam, especially if they have other exams at the same time. We were able to do this since there was a weekend. We find our students often take many AP classes in addition to stats so they really have to schedule their study time during exam week.

Review plan

Day 1: Go over chapter 7 tests, give an overview of the exam (number and types of questions, etc.) and have students make a plan for studying. Have students start gathering and organizing materials for studying. We assigned the cumulative reviews from the textbook. There is one over chapters 1-4 and one over chapters 5-7.

Day 2: Prior to today’s class, you should organize each student’s tests so that they can be passed out easier. We gave each student a hanging folder to write their name on. After each chapter, put the tests in the folders to keep them organized. Ideally you would do this at the beginning of the year. We didn’t think of it until after chapter 5. Whoops. You live, you learn, right? Once students have all of their old tests, they can start working on the Midterm Reflection.  They should go through each of their tests from the semester and look for mistakes they made and think of ways they can avoid making those mistakes again.  Additionally, students should be looking for big ideas and themes in the chapters to narrow their studying.


**In second semester, we will be having students fill in the 2nd semester reflection page the day after each test.**


Day 3: Students continued working through their old tests or on the cumulative reviews.

Day 4: Midyear Exam: Consider using old AP free response questions for the exam. We used questions were able to use two questions from the 2017 test. Using old AP questions builds students’ confidence. It makes the AP test less intimidating.

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