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Chapter 2 Review

Chapter 2 - Day 8

Depending on your schedule you may have one or two days to review.  We actually spent two days reviewing.  We spent one day going over Quiz 2.2 and then working through the FRAPPY from the text.  The second day we used a google form to practice multiple choice, and students worked on a normal curve calculations.

Activity: FRAPPY

Students worked in groups of 4 to complete the  practice free response question (FRAPPY).  When they finished, one copy was turned in for the group.  Then an answer key was shown and students assessed their work.

Activity: Multiple Choice Practice on Google Forms

Students have a really hard  time adjusting to the multiple choice questions in AP.  We wanted to have students practice some multiple choice questions before the test.  In the textbook there is a practice test that has multiple choice questions.  We paired students up and had them work on the questions together.  When they finished they submitted their responses in a google form.  You could have students complete the multiple choice as homework if you only have one day to review.  Google forms are awesome for review because we could see very quickly how students are doing.  We looked over the summary responses at the end of class and went through any problems that had incorrect responses submitted.

Activity: Normal Curve Calculations

You can use any normal curve problems to practice.  We used the chapter review from the textbook.  Students have the answers to the odd problems in the back of the book so they can check their answers.  However, a big part of answering these questions correctly is through showing all work and drawing pictures of the normal curve.  Because we wanted to model for students exactly what we wanted their solutions to look like, we wrote up our own solutions for them to use.

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