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Chapter 12 Test

Chapter 12 - Day 8

Start Here
Questions to be Sure to Include
  • Integrate review questions into this test. This includes questions that ask students to

    • use a model to make predictions

    • calculate and interpret a residual

    • interpret a residual plot

    • interpret slope and y-intercept in context

    • analyze residual plots

    • interpret r and r-squared

    • interpret s

  • Questions that ask students to use regression computer output to:

    • find a linear or nonlinear model of best fit​

    • make a prediction

    • calculate a confidence interval for slope

    • perform a significance test for slope

  • In the free response, consider using one context to have students do both a confidence interval and a significance test for slope. Provide students with regression computer outlet so that they have SEb. 

Tips to Give Your Students
  • Close reading and careful writing are critical to your success this year.

  • Be sure to answer all parts of each question.

  • There is a difference between a residual plot and a dotplot of residuals.

  • Use the 4-step process for inference. At this point, you are well trained!

  • Know your inverse transformations (log and natural log)

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