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Quiz 10.2 and 10.3

Chapter 10 - Day 10

Students Struggled With…
  • Using the correct t* critical value when calculating a t interval.

  • Deciding between μ1- μ2 and μdiff.

  • Require students write the specific formula for a t interval. This extra step may remind them that they need a t* instead of a z* which was the most common value they used instead.

  • To help decide between these procedures, students should ask themselves a

    • How many samples do I have?

      • 0ne. μdiff

      • Two. μ1- μ2 (usually) Watch out for two samples that pair individuals.

    • Can any piece of data in the first group be compared to any piece of data in the second?

      • Yes. μ1- μ2

      • No, they must stay in pairs. μdiff

    • Do they reference pairing the data?

      • Yes. μdiff

      • No. μ1- μ2

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